Developing the wow factor!

INDIVIDUAL by DESIGN has been based at Thoresby for three seasons now, taking care of ensuring our wedding venue looks its best!

If you are booking your wedding with us you will get the hall with our signature set up, the drapes and fairy lights provided by Individual by Design.  After your initial booking, the sky is the limit!  There are too many options to list, the drapes can be extended to the floor, removed and replaced with additional lights, bunting or colourful lanterns.

There are so many ways to style our venue so whether you have a theme or need a bit of help with your table plan, or want that VIP carpet Individual by design can make it happen.  No idea is too big, so jump on Pinterest and develop your perfect decor.

“All our ideas and visions came true.  To be the first to get all the fairy lights and amazing chesterfields makes us feel so special!  It really was an absolutely magical day thanks to Individual By Design.”

Stephanie & Edward married 2017.